Jesse Faden is the current Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Seeking answers about her mysterious past, Jesse sought out the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret government agency tasked with investigating unexplainable phenomena. As Jesse arrived at the Bureau’s headquarters, the Oldest House, it was suddenly invaded by a hostile force known only as the Hiss. In the chaos, Jesse was suddenly made the FBC’s new Director after the previous Director’s death, and tasked with fighting back against the Hiss and regaining control over the Oldest House.

Jesse is presumably one of the most powerful parautilitarians in Bureau history, able to use powers far beyond what has been achieved in prior testing at the FBC. She is the only known Director that has been strong enough to use the teleportation ability of Control Points, leading researcher Emily Pope to comment that she was not even aware it was possible.

Jesse possesses a host of paranatural abilities, which she gains by binding to various Objects of Power.