The Board (also known as the Black Pyramid) is an extradimensional being or group of beings existing within the Astral Plane. Appearing in the form of an enormous inverted black pyramid, the Board appears to be responsible for selecting the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, while also possessing various connections to Objects of Power within ordinary reality. The true nature and motivations of the Board are unknown.

The Board is a mysterious and powerful entity or group of entities that exists within the Astral Plane, a vast alternate dimension connected to the human collective unconscious. The Board appears in the form of a large, inverted black pyramid hovering within the Astral Plane, and communicates primarily through seemingly telepathic messages in a complex language that can be understood partially by parautilitarians. As represented in subtitles, many of the terms used by the Board have multiple, often contradictory meanings, creating a juxtaposition in their communication; it is unknown if this results from a difficulty the Board faces in translating its messages, or a disagreement within the Board itself. In one instance, the Board told Jesse Faden to simply ignore it due to the difficulty of communicating their message.

The origins and nature of the Board are unknown, but Bureau research suggests the Board possesses a strong, perhaps intrinsic connection to the Oldest House. The Board attributes its origins, as well as the House’s, to the Foundation, located in the Black Rock Quarry. The Board possesses immense paranatural powers and a connection to Objects of Power, and ordain rituals enabling certain parautilitarians to bind to these OoPs and utilize their powers; it is unknown if these connections are natural, or merely imposed by the Board itself. The Board is not the only entity to exist within the Astral Plane, as other entities - such as Former - have been shown to impose their own connections to Altered Items and consensus reality. The Service Weapon appears to be one of the most significant OoPs to the Board; the individual chosen by the Board to wield it is implied to possess immense paranatural abilities, enabling them to control all other Objects of Power. As a result, the FBC, with the primary goal of controlling paranatural phenomena, ordains this individual as the Bureau’s Director.

The Board possesses somewhat metafictional tendencies, and many of its telepathic messages make references to elements of Control as a video game, including the player and the game’s content rating.